Rail Supply Chain Solutions

Delivering enhanced value to customers through sustainable Rail Logistics Solutions.

Barloworld Logistics’ passion for rail stems from our conviction that each transport mode plays a specific role in the supply chain.

Barloworld Logistics is proud to have entered into a MoU with Transnet Freight Rail (TFR) to assist with their strategy of migrating cargo volumes from road to rail where appropriate and commercially viable. The partnership mandate is to build skills and capacity, invest in assets, managing and developing intermodal terminals and to provide innovative technology solutions to improve end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Through collaboration and smart partnerships with recognised experts in the rail industry, Barloworld Logistics is able to offer integrated rail supply chain solutions across a range of industries; with expertise and experience in:

  • rail operations – supply, maintenance and operation of shunting and mainline locomotives;
  • rail logistics management – managing cargo flows from origin to destination;
  • multimodal terminal operations – transhipping cargo between road and rail, and
  • collateral management – maintaining the integrity of cargo through the value chain.
  • International standards of safety, governance and risk management – packaged in our sustainable end-to-end rail solutions.

Through the deployment of leading-edge technologies and operational expertise at key nodal points, Barloworld Logistics manages all aspects of the value chain, providing visibility on the progress of the cargo, and successfully delivering the benefits of rail transportation in a world where customers demand door-to-door logistics solutions.

For smart rail supply chain solutions where you will see the light at the end of the tunnel, email us at rail@bwlog.com.

Download our case study – From Road to Rail and our Rail Logistics information sheet.

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