Environmental Solutions

Advanced environmental sustainability for business.

Sustainability is more than a buzzword – it’s a vibrant, vital reality. It’s a statement about what the world needs and wants now. SmartMatta, a division of Barloworld Logistics is the catalyst that transforms waste into a viable resource. It’s not just our industry best practices or superior technologies that set us apart – it’s our positive, proactive approach and determination to utilise every resource to benefit business and the environment.

In line with our strategy of ‘zero waste to landfill’, our goal is to provide you with smart solutions and tools to achieve your environmental goals. We make a difference to your business and our communities by making smart use of matter through:

  • Understanding your needs and finding solutions to reduce waste
  • Increasing recycling and reuse
  • Providing safer treatment and disposal options
  • Educating on sustainability and environmental best practices
  • Researching and developing new sources of energy
  • Collaborating with industry specialists to develop innovative, cutting-edge solutions and technologies

Every little bit matters.

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